When do you need a Doppler Systems Radio Direction Finder?

The availability of inexpensive transceivers has resulted in increased jamming of critical public service radio services.  Utilizing Doppler Systems’ radio direction finders allows you track down interference and criminal jamming quickly, so you can get your critical radio systems back online. In May 2020, Allen county sheriff’s officers received complaints from fire and law enforcement entities of radio interference issues. Luckily they were able to locate the radio interference problem after a few days. See Read more…

Excellent Sensitivity Provided by Biconical Antenna

Many times we’ve been asked why we use biconical antennas for our fixed site antennas. The short answer is that compared to a dipole the biconical antenna provides superior sensitivity over the entire bandwidth of the antenna. We’ve published an application note that puts some numbers to our claim. Take a look at our Sensitivity of Doppler Direction Finder with Biconical Antenna application note

FCC Selects Doppler Systems

The FCC has selected Doppler Systems to furnish a suite of fixed site radio direction finders.  These fixed site direction finders are designed for quick setup and disassembly, allowing the FCC to rapidly move them to locations of opportunity.  Doppler Systems is proud to partner with the FCC in supplying them with highly accurate, professional quality direction finding equipment designed to meet their needs.  Disclaimer: This disclaimer is required by Contract No. 273FCC20P0084. The Federal Read more…

Android and IOS Apps for the DDF6000 and DDF7000 Series Processors

Amcept, LLC’s SigTrax apps now work with Doppler’s DDF6000 and DDF7000 series processors.  SigTrax is a map-based signal tracking tool kit available for both IOS and Android devices.  SigTrax has an intuitive user interface that is designed to be simple and easy to use and can be customized using the Settings function.  Using it with the DDF7000 series processors requires the purchase of the DataTrax option which is available in the store section of the Read more…

Support for the ICOM R30

We are very excited to announce the addition of the ICOM R30 to our receiver line up. The ICOM R30 is a compact and affordable receiver with the added bonus of a built in GPS. We control the receiver and charge its battery through the USB port. In locations with good GPS reception there is no need for a separate GPS. Version 2.40 of our processor firmware supports this receiver and is available on our Read more…

The AOR DV1 Receiver is now supported by the DDF7001 DF Processor

We are happy to announce the addition of the AOR DV1 to the receivers supported by the DDF7001 direction finder.  Version 2.37 of the firmware includes this receiver.  The firmware upgrade is available from upgrades.  The latest versions of MPT User Interface and TargetTrack are required as well. To use the DV1 a jumper must be removed from the DDF7001 processor.  Our application note Using the DDF7001 with a AOR DV1 Receiver describes how to Read more…

Doppler Systems Ships 300th DDF7000 System

We have recently built and shipped our three hundredth system using our DDF7000 series processor. Since 2000 Doppler Systems has delivered over 1200 direction finders to our loyal customers. Our DDF7000 continues to deliver exceptional performance at a price point that no other DF make can match.  Thanks to all our customers for your support!

Vendor Appreciation

Our success here at Doppler Systems requires a team effort.  Our vendors routinely go above and beyond all our expectations.  They are all based in the United States (most of them in the Phoenix area) and their contribution is key to us delivering high-quality radio direction finding equipment to our many customers.  So, we’d like to acknowledge them (in no particular order) QuikTek Assembly For nearly 10 years QuikTek assembly has been our contract manufacturer Read more…

We Now Support the ICOM R8600 Receiver

We recently added support for the ICOM R8600 receiver to the DDF7001 processor.  If you are interested in using this receiver please download the firmware upgrade (v 2.35) and the latest versions of the MPT User Interface and TargetTrack software. Let us know if you have any problems with the new software. If there are any additional receivers you want us to support, send us an email.

Partnership Change

Our founder David Cunningham has sold his share of Doppler Systems to Brenda Holmes.  Dave will continue to provide technical support and consulting.  Doug Havenhill will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of Doppler Systems.  Brenda will be responsible for development of the next generation of Doppler Systems radio direction finders.