Vendor Appreciation

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Our success here at Doppler Systems requires a team effort.  Our vendors routinely go above and beyond all our expectations.  They are all based in the United States (most of them in the Phoenix area) and their contribution is key to us delivering high-quality radio direction finding equipment to our many customers.  So, we’d like to acknowledge them (in no particular order)

QuikTek Assembly
For nearly 10 years QuikTek assembly has been our contract manufacturer for our printing circuit board assemblies.  Adan, Natalie, Bill, and the rest of the crew consistently provide high quality assemblies from their state-of-the-art facility. 

Phoenix Metalcraft, Inc.
Phoenix Metalcraft has been supplying parts and services to us for over 20 years.  Family owned and operated, they are our go to source for all our sheet metal work and the powder coating of our antennas. provides all of our custom built cases to hold antennas, cables, and any miscellaneous items needed for our systems.  They make a wide range of products for computers and radios.

Southwest Metal Finishing
Southwest provides the hard anodizing of our antenna components.  This finish is one of the features that enables our antennas to survive the harsh environments they are sometimes exposed to.

Thermal-Vac Technolgy
We use Thermal-Vac Technology to braze and heat treat our antenna frames and biconical antennas.  They provide consistenlty high quality and on-time delivery.

ABR Industries
ABR Industries provides all our custom coaxial cable assemblies. Great prices and excellent delivery times.

Arizona Components Company
Arizona Components manufactures all our custom control cables.  Very high quality cable assemblies.

Future Hardware Technology
Future Hardware is a contract manufacturer here in Phoenix.  All of our antenna balun assemblies are manufactured by them as well as our self-test generator and yaw rate sensor boards. They provide excellent products and are very customer responsive.

RM Garrison Machining
RMG makes the majority of our machined parts for our fixed site antennas. They are continually upgrading their equipment and facilites to provide a good quality product as a reasonable price.

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