Networking Direction Finders

There are a number of ways to network both the fixed and the mobile MPT radio direction finder (RDF).  Where an Ethernet-type infrastructure exists, you can network multiple direction finders to one or more control sites with our latest software program TargetTrack. This can even include mobile DFs if a cellular network covers the tracking area. Both configurations shown below adapt to this type of network by simply inserting the network interface modems along the connection labeled Ethernet.

networking direction finders
Doppler Direction Finding Network Using Ethernet

Where an Ethernet infrastructure does not exist, you may use a VHF or UHF radio modem system to network with direction finders. This is a multiplexed type of system where all sites are allocated a time slot for sending data. The physical interface to the RDF is through one of the USB ports using a serial converter if required by the radio modem. Therefore, remote sites do not require a laptop or PC. However, you can use a laptop at the remote or mobile site if you desire an operator.

networking direction finders
Doppler Direction Finder Networking Using Radio Modems

One can mix interfaces so that some remote sites communicate via the Ethernet connection while others communicate via radio modem.  In addition, the TargetTrack software supports our older DDF6001 and DDF6002 direction finders. Thus, so you can use these direction finders on the network as well.