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The Doppler Radio Direction Finder

Established in 1981, Doppler Systems designs and manufactures fixed site and mobile radio direction finders and radio direction finding (RDF) systems. We provide RDF equipment and software for government, commercial, and amateur users. Because of our outstanding reputation, clients worldwide use our direction finders in many ways. For example, our direction finders aid in…

  • discovering unwanted interference
  • uncovering malicious intent
  • finding stuck transmitters
  • locating boats and aircraft
  • recovering stolen vehicles
  • tracking vehicle routes
  • following beacons
  • pinpointing stolen cargo

Fixed Site and Mobile Direction Finders

In short, Doppler Systems offers fixed site and mobile direction finders for 100 – 1000 MHz. They are available in turn key configurations packaged for easy transport and assembly. In addition to our standard designs, clients can mix and match our components for a custom solution. We also provide software with simple homing functions and map-based transmitter geolocation. Furthermore, users can network multiple fixed site and mobile direction finders together to provide real-time geolocation of RF sources.

radio direction finder
Doppler’s direction finders can be paired with many products for custom solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable professional quality radio direction finding equipment and systems with outstanding “customer first” service. Please contact us and we will help you with your RDF hardware and software needs. Thank you for choosing Doppler Systems, LLC!


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