When do you need a Doppler Systems Radio Direction Finder?

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The availability of inexpensive transceivers has resulted in increased jamming of critical public service radio services.  Utilizing Doppler Systems’ radio direction finders allows you track down interference and criminal jamming quickly, so you can get your critical radio systems back online.

In May 2020, Allen county sheriff’s officers received complaints from fire and law enforcement entities of radio interference issues. Luckily they were able to locate the radio interference problem after a few days.

See the LimaOhio.com article here

Recently a German man impersonated an air traffic controller was giving fake orders to aircraft.  As we reported previously, this also happened in Australia where the ACMA used Doppler’s equipment to identify the perpetrator and bring him to justice.

Sometimes interference is inadvertent but can still cause the loss of critical radio infrastructure. Recently, here in Phoenix, system operators reported odd sounding signals emanating from one of their remote sites. Utilizing Doppler’s radio direction finders, technicians were able to track down the problem to a local care facility that was using a licensed paging system that was accidently set to the wrong frequency.

Doppler’s Radio Direction Finding system assists radio professionals in pinpointing the source of interference quickly, keeping critical first responders communications systems working.

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