Our TargetTrack and SignalTrack software packages provide map-based data from our direction finders. We recommend TargetTrack for use with our DDF7000 series radio direction finder (RDF) and SignalTrack for our legacy DDF6000 series equipment. In short, this page contains radio direction finder demonstrations and instructions on running playback for our RDF software. In addition, there are instructions on connecting with a fixed site radio direction finder. Visit our downloads page to download both software packages.

TargetTrack Play Back Demonstration

First, to view the operation of TargetTrack without a RDF, we’ve recorded two missions and created one training package.  We ran the recorded missions using the DDF7001 packaged systems near our old office in Carefree, AZ.  The first mission is a single mobile unit searching for a beacon transmitter made by Big Red Bee.  The transmitter is programmed to send pure carrier for about 15 seconds followed by 30 seconds of silence.  The second recorded mission utilizes two fixed sites and one mobile site searching for the same transmitter in a different location.  The training package demonstrates the multiple target capability of TargetTrack.

To run the software demonstrations, download TargetTrack  This zip file contains instructions for loading the data and running the demonstrations.

Live Data Demonstration

If you would like to see a direction finder in action, please contact us and we can arrange a demonstration using the fixed site installed at our facility.

If you experience trouble with any of these software demonstrations, please contact us.