Can I transmit close to the DF?

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The preamps used are rated at 100 milliwatts maximum input and in our series 7000 direction finders we provide additional protection that increases the rating to about 1/2 watt. Transmitting 10 or more watts from a mobile antenna a few feet away in the same band will probably damage the unit, while transmitting 5 watts inside a car will not. Transmitting a few watts from a nearby antenna on a different band from the direction finder antenna will probably not hurt the unit. Vertical separation helps also, so if you can place the transmit antenna on the trunk lid or boot of a car and the DF antenna on its roof, the coupling will be greatly reduced. When in doubt, it is best to run a test by connecting a mobile antenna output into an RF power meter and checking the power induced from the transmitter. If it is more than the maximum rated power, relocate the transmit antenna.

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