Mobile Direction Finder Configurations

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We sell our mobile direction finders in two different configurations: our component configuration and our packaged configuration.  The direction finding performance is identical for both configurations so why do we offer two configurations?  The answer boils down to customer needs and preferences. 

The minimal component configuration consists of a direction finding processor, an antenna summing unit, and a set of antennas.  To this complement of equipment the customer adds a narrow band FM receiver and a laptop computer.  Additionally, if the customer wants to use our TargetTrack software a our DDF7055 GPS receiver can be added.  The customer has a choice of antennas that cover 100 – 1000 MHz in three bands.  The customer can choose one or more of the bands depending on his needs.  Customers who are looking to permanently install the direction finder in a vehicle usually opt for the component solution as well as customers that prefer to design their own custom packaging arrangement.

The packaged configuration comes packaged in two Pelican cases.  One of the cases houses a chassis containing the DF processor, a receiver, a laptop power supply, and the necessary power and signal cabling.  The other Pelican case contains the antenna summing unit, the antennas, the GPS receiver, and all the necessary external cables.  The packaged system offers a nearly turnkey experience and is preferred by customers who may need to deploy the direction finder on short notice on any of a number of different vehicles.

The table below summarizes the differences in the component and packaged configurations.  For futher information call us at 480-488-9755 or e-mail us.

DDF7001 MPT DF Processor AssyRequired1Included 
DDF7080 MPT Summer AssyRequired1Included 
DDF706x Antenna AssyRequired2Included 
DDF7055 GPSOptionalIncludedRequired to use TargetTrack software
Narrow band FM receiverRequired2Included 
Mobile Power DistributorOptionalIncluded 
Laptop Power Supply Included 
PackagingCustomer PackagingTransit CasePackaged System comes in two Pelican cases
Windows laptop computerRequired2Required2MPT User Interface and TargetTrack software provided

1Must be purchased from Doppler Systems
2 Required for DF operation. May be purchased from Doppler Systems or furnished by the customer

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