Direction Finding Simultaneously on Multiple Frequencies Using One Antenna

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One of the often overlooked features of the Doppler DDF7000 series direction finders is the ability to direction find on several frequencies simultaneously using a single antenna.  This is most often used in a fixed site system.  All that is required is a DF processor and receiver for each frequency to be monitored and a RF splitter.  The input of RF splitter is connected to the RF output of the antenna and the output of the splitter connects to each receiver.  One DF processor acts as the master processor.  It controls the frequency band (115-250, 250-500, 500-1000 MHz) and the antenna rotational parameters.  The other processors are daisy chain connected to the master processor.  Each processor has its own IP address so it can be directly accessed by a computer through a network or via fixed assigned static IP address.  Each receiver is tuned to a separate frequency of interest and direction finding data can be simultaneously collected on all monitored frequencies.  A simple block diagram of a two frequency system is shown here, but up to 32 frequencies are supported.

If you would like more information on how to configure a system to direction find on multiple frequencies simultaneously please contact us by phone 480-488-9755 or by e-mail.

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