Sample Transcript & Search Forms for TargetTrack

Doppler Systems has provided sample transcript and search forms for our TargetTrack software. TargetTrack allows the user to enter information about each intercept (received signal with audio and bearing data).  The TargetTrack database stores this information.  In addition, you can search the database for data in the transcript. This allows users to easily find recorded audio and bearing data for a particular intercept or for a number of intercepts.   For instance, if users want to view all the data collected on a certain frequency then all he could access the search form and enter the frequency. TargetTrack will pull up all the intercepts on that frequency.  The user can then view and edit the transcript of the data or play the data back on the screen.  For example, see the sample forms of our TargetTrack software below.

sample targettrack software form
Transcript Form
sample targettrack software form
Search Form
Search Results