Release Notes for TargetTrack

The following release notes go with our TargetTrack software. These include notes on upgrades, additional features, bug fixes, and more.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.33
– Fixed link to OpenStreetMaps

TargetTrack Version 3.2.32
– Added frequency scanning and searching when using the ICOM R8600 receiver

TargetTrack Version 3.2.31
– Added feature to map to allow user to measure distance
– Enabled direction finding in the broadcast FM band. FM receiver is automatically switched to wideband mode. See manual for details on direction finding wideband FM signals.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.30
– Site size is now saved and restored so that the site size retains its setting
– Fixed some issues with targeting display
– Fixed issue with display of the span time in the audio control

TargetTrack Version 3.2.29
– Fixed bug that caused audio port streaming to return to default setting after being changed.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.28
– Fixed bug that required the frequency to be changed when receiver was set to Other

TargetTrack Version 3.2.27
– Added feature to allow maps, sites, and placemarks to be exported to a different computer

TargetTrack Version 3.2.26
– Fixed bug that caused an exception to be thrown on some systems when the database was being purged.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.25
– Fixed bug that caused the average bearing and the measured bearing to display in the same color.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.24
– Made change to allow use of OpenStreet4U maps.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.23
– Fixed bug that caused scan receiver to be polled when disabled.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.22
– Fixed bug that improperly calculated the calibration angle when calibrating a mobile direction finder.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.21
– Fixed bug in direction finder settings that caused exception when multiple mobile summers are being used

TargetTrack Version 3.2.20 – You must uninstall any previous versions of TargetTrack to use this version
– Upgraded Great Map utility to retrieve map data from sites using TLS 2.0 security. This includes OpenStreetMaps
– Add map scrolling and zooming features using the arrow keys

TargetTrack Version 3.2.19
– Added feature to database that allows users to import overlapping exported data sets from multiple computers.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.18
– Removed auto scroll feature in mobile mapping

TargetTrack Version 3.2.17
– Added support for the ICOM R30 receiver

TargetTrack Version 3.2.16
– Fixed bug that caused selection of the other receiver to display as AOR DV1

TargetTrack Version 3.2.15
– Fixed bug that caused a wrong frequency display when using the AOR SR2200 receiver

TargetTrack Version 3.2.14
– Added support for AOR DV1 receiver

TargetTrack Version 3.2.13
– Fixed bug that caused crash when trying to share an audio device

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.2.12
– Added support for the ICOM R8600 receiver
– Now displays the mission name on the title bar

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.2.11
– Added ability to import placemarks from .gpx file
– Improved editing of placemarks

TargetTrack Version 3.2.10
– Fixed bug that caused the receiver frequency to be set to zero at startup when using a R1500 or R2500 receiver at the primary site.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.9
– Fixed bug that caused the receiver address to default to 0x4A when using a DDF6001 direction finder and a CIV addressable receiver

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.2.8
– Added feature to name beacons and virtual sites
– Added feature to add placemarks to the Great Map maps
– Fixed bug is site disable

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.2.7
– Rescaled s meter for SR2200 to be more accurate
– Disabling a site removes it from the network
– Added variable rewind time to audio control

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.2.6
– Removed MapQuest map options from Great Maps because MapQuest no longer supplies mapping tiles for general use.
– Fixed bug that caused a problem when using the DDF6002 directin finder.

TargetTrack Version 3.2.5
– Fixed bug that caused TargetTrack to hang at startup due inactive usb-to-serial port adapters

TargetTrack Version 3.2.4
– Added code to make networking with radio modems more robust

TargetTrack Version 3.2.3
– Fixed several issues associated with networking mobiles together using the radio modem when all the sites on the network are mobiles.

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.2.2
– Fixed problem with MP3 file writer that caused an occasional corruption of the MP3 file.  Existing MP3 files written by earlier versions will be repaired when opened by this version.
– Fixed issue with playback from the Search form.  Sometimes the bearing data for the intercept was not being loaded correctly now it loads when the audio file is opened
– Fixed issue with repairing of the database.  Database now rebuilds properly and the rebuild display works

TargetTrack Version 3.2.1
– Fixed audio streaming issue when used on a VPN connection

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.2.0
– Rewrote bitmap (Doppler) mapping functions to handle larger maps without running out of memory
– Fixed bug that caused an exception when no map was displayed and user moused on the displayed direction finders on the network

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.1.10
– Fixed bug that caused exception after turning bearing logging on
– Added code to check for proper formatting of site data prior to target calculation
– Added exception logging to status log file (documents\Doppler Systems\Logs\Status)

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.1.9
– Fixed scaling on higher resolution displays to properly display the aduio file control
– Enabled ESRI mapping to work with the remote server

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.1.8
– Fixed problem that prevented bearing display on TargetTrack when the site frequency was changed by another version of TargetTrack or MPT User Interface
– Added code to prevent multple IP connections to same site from the same instance of TargetTrack
– Added a Show Active Sites item to the view menu to list all sites even if they are not displayed on the map

Release Notes for TargetTrackVersion 3.1.7
– Fixed lockup problem due in master when using the radio modem
– Fixed frequency setting bug from master to slave
– Added automatic delay when using radio modem to insure that bearings from all sites are displayed
– Synchronized compass display with displayed line-of-bearing
– Fixed heading bug that caused heading of slave mobile to be displayed improperly when using radio modem
– Enabled mobile-to-mobile communications when using the radio modem
– Deleted saved mobile sites now are deleted on master’s display

TargetTrack Version 3.1.6 – Internal Release

TargetTrack Version 3.1.5
– Fixed mobile auto scroll bug that kept the saved mobile sites from scrolling properly with the map

TargetTrack Version 3.1.4
– Fixed bug that threw an exception when exporting data using XML

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.1.3
– Fixed some minor bugs that were throwing exceptions
– Now runs under Windows 10
– This is the last release that will install and run under Windows XP

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.1.0
– Changed SQL server to SQL Server Compact to make installation simpler and speed database searches
– Changed file access so that multiple users can use TargetTrack on the same computer (one at a time please)
– Added a remote control interface allowing another program to control TargetTrack. See Remote Control for more details.
– Fixed minor bug that caused an exception when selecting a sound source before a primary site was defined.

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.0.5
– Fixed installer bug in full version installer that sometimes failed to install SQL Server.
– Fixed minor bug that occsionally caused an audio buffer overrrun

TargetTrack Version 3.0.4
– Fixed bug that caused DF settings to display improperly when DF is in the AM (HF) mode.

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.0.3
– Added support for ICOM R9500 receiver (requires v 2.29 of the firmware)
– Added a heat map option for displaying the target location
– Fixed a bug that hid the instantaneous display of the targets
– Fixed a bug that caused kept the mobile from responding properly to a fixed site poll from the radio modem
– Updated the Target menu

TargetTrack Version 3.0.2
– Fixed bug that caused TargetTrack to mistakenly report the absense of SQL Server when using SQL Server 2005

TargetTrack Version 3.0.1
– Fixed bug that caused an exception to be thrown when both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 is installed on the same computer with TargetTrack

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 3.0.0
– Added online mapping feature allowing users to use online mapping providers such as Bing or Google for maps used within TargetTrack
– Added support for Windows 8.  TargetTrack will now install and run properly on Windows 8 but you still need a mouse.

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 2.16.10
– Fixed bug in View menu that caused an exception when Scan Receiver was selected
– Added feature to allow averaged bearings to be shown when Show Bearings is deselected in the View menu

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 2.16.9
– Fixed bug in scan receiver that caused it to switch to AM mode when being tuned in the HF frequency band
– Added feature to highlight frequency of scan receiver and df receiver in the frequency window

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 2.16.8
– Fixed bug that caused mode to change when frequency was changed on the scan receiver
– Changed behavior of connected indicator to turn green when a connection is made with the master or a slave
– Added feature to hold audio sync setting between sessions
– Added feature to automatically adjust site statistics when using a HF direction finder
– Modified frequency display to show that what frequency the DF is direction finding on when the Scan Receveiver control is active

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 2.16.7
– Fixed bug that caused audio buffer overflow when audio squelch setting in the direction finder was set to zero
– Added saved mobile display to the master site display when using the radio modem in networking

TargetTrack Version 2.16.4
– Added Motorola MCS2000 receiver

TargetTrack Version 2.16.3
– Added mode and IF bandwidth control to the AOR AR5001D scan receiver for HF Direction finder

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 2.16.2
– Added features for HF direction finder (HFDF requires version 2.27 of the firmware)
– Added manual target selection
– Added support for Contour ShuttleXpress for tuning the receivers

TargetTrack Version 2.16
– Added feature to set a password for a site.  To use a password protected site you must have MPT firmware version 2.25 or greater.

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 2.15.5
– Fixed bug that caused a cast exception when running the sample data
– Modified new site dialog to display the proper data when site is created from site display window in lower-right corner of screen

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 2.15.4
– Fixed bug that caused a “Not Implemented” exception when using an ICOM R8500 receiver
– Added feature to specify external IP address to allow the DDF7001 to stream audio through a NAT enabled router (e.g. stream audio over the Internet).  See the help file for instructions on configuring your the direction finder and your router.

TargetTrack Version 2.15.3
– Added feature to allow user to specify default data directories at runtime.

TargetTrack Version 2.15.2
– Fixed bug that caused the under run timer in the radio modem code to be uninitialized.

TargetTrack Version 2.15.0
– Fixed bug that caused CIV address of ICOM R8500 to be displayed improperly when using a DDF6001 direction finder.

TargetTrack Version 2.14.0
– Added feature to allow the user to generate training packages from previously recorded data or from simulated data.

TargetTrack Version 2.12.0
– Added feature to export database records in XML format

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 2.11.0
– Added feature to allow up to 100 speakers and locations of speakers.  Speakers and locations can be added using a context menu on the map.
– Fixed a minor bug that kept the frequencies in the frequency list from being deleted.
– Fixed bug that occasionally caused groupings to be lost when repairing the database

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 2.10.0
– Added feature to allow a multiple intercepts to be described by one transcript
– Fixed bug that caused software to crash when using radio modems and MPTs without computers (requires firmware upgrade to v2.17
– Added feature to display mobile compass rose as a clock face.
– Included a signal strength indicator to mobile compass rose.
– Added code to make text message window come to front when the text message button is pressed
– Included code to persist latitude/longitude format between sessions.
– Included feature to edit the location of beacons and virtual sites.
– Added feature to turn on and off the audio notch filter from the df settings dialog (used to df on pure carriers)
– Added feature to delete df intercept if no bearings were received when audio was received.  (deletes open squelch noise)

TargetTrack Version 2.9.4
– Fixed bug in installer that caused old DLLs to be used when upgrading from earlier versions of TargetTrack

TargetTrack Version 2.9.3
– Fixed bug that inhibited the database upgrade

Release Notes for TargetTrack Version 2.9.2
– Fixed bug that caused bearing data loss when user changed frequency during an intercept
– Fixed bug that caused an exception when no map was displayed and user selected a connection
– Added feature to put scan receiver intercepts into the database

TargetTrack Version 2.9.1
– Bug fix for missing directory error

TargetTrack Version 2.9.0
– Added feature to utilize time tagged audio packets from version 2.15 of the firmware

TargetTrack Version 2.8.0
– First public release of TargetTrack