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The SignalTrack software suite is for use with our DDF6001, DDF6002, and MPT direction finders.  SignalTrack  provides real time control and data acquisition and graphically displays the data from multiple networked direction finding sites on a map and plots the bearings in real time.  The direction finding sites may be connected to SignalTrack

Data from the direction finding sites are processed to display an estimate of the location of the transmitted signal and to provide an uncertainty ellipse to help the operator determine the quality of the target estimate.  SignalTrack software offers the same functionality as our legacy software, BearingTrack and AutoTrack but adds some important new features including:

1 Requires separate license

Download our white paper for a more complete description of SignalTrack

SignalTrack currently works with the following receivers
- ICOM R8500
- ICOM R1500
- ICOM R2500
- AOR AR8600
- AOR AR5000
- AOR AR5001D
- AOR SR2200 (Series 7000 only)
If you are not using one of these receivers the you can still use SignalTrack; however, the frequency control functions will be inoperable.

Further information on networking fixed and mobile sites is found on the networking page

The software may be downloaded from our downloads page.