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Doppler DF Radio Modem Base Antenna
VHF Omnidirectional Antenna

Radio modems in the processor suites of mobile and fixed site systems allow data exchange and text messaging between the sites.  Radio modems are typically used in remote areas where other forms of wireless communication are not available.  VHF and UHF models are available and can be used in our systems.  The fixed site radio modem requires an external antenna.  Typically one site on a network acts as a control site so an omni-directional antenna is used at the control site.  This allows mobiles and remote sites to be located  within a circular pattern around the control site.  For remote fixed sites a direction yagi antenna is employed to increase the gain of the antenna and allow greater range for the remote site.  The radio modem kit comes with one omni-directional antenna, one yagi antenna, and coaxial cables to connect the antenna to the processor suite.  Photos of the equipment are shown below.

Doppler DF Radio Modem Remote Site Antenna
VHF Yagi Antenna
Doppler DF Radio Modem Antenna Cases
Omni and Yagi Antenna Cases