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Fixed Site Kit

The Processor Suite and Fixed Site Kit comprise everything required to set up a single, dual, or three-band radio direction finding system.  The fixed site kit has two transit cases; one for the antenna and one for cables and accessories. 

The antenna case has room for a three antenna system with all the masts, frames, and biconical elements.  It has custom foam cutouts layered in the case to accommodate all the various parts of the fixed site antenna.  The case allows for easy packaging and transport of the fixed site antenna.

Three Band Fixed Site DF Antenna Case
Antenna case ready for transport
Three Band DF Antenna in Case
Antenna case with lid removed
Mast Layer of DF Antenna Case
Masts layer
500 - 1000 MHz DF Antenna in Case
THF Antenna Layer
Accessory Case for Fixed Site DF Antenna Kit
Cable and Accessory Case

The case for the cables and accessories carries the GPS, the direction finder control cables, the mast clamps, and the coaxial cables for the direction finder and radio modem if installed..  The kit is available for single, dual, and three band antennas.