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About Doppler Systems

Doppler Systems Inc. was founded in 1981 by David Cunningham to provide radio direction finding kits to the amateur community. Very quickly however the company offered high quality assembled units which were used by the commercial two way radio community and all levels of government.

The products evolved as better technology became available, and we are now offering our fifth generation of equipment.

A milestone was reached in 1999 when the US Coast Guard selected us to provide hundreds of fixed site shore stations for the triangulation of marine distress calls. Many of these sites are still in operation.

Our customers, especially the USCG, requested numerous features to the software programs which we provided to network and control the sites. This software had been developed under contract to Doug Havenhill, a long time friend and associate of David Cunningham. In 2005, the two formed a partnership which is Doppler Systems LLC. The division of work remains approximately the same, with Doug responsible for the software and David the hardware. Both of us can always be reached directly via email or telephone.

Doppler Systems operates from a 3200 square foot facility in Carefree, Arizona. Our products are all US manufactured using local subcontractors. Final assembly and testing as well as product development is performed in our own facility.

Doppler Systems Facility in Carefree Arizona