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About Doppler Systems

In 1981 our founder, David Cunningham, had a vision to develop a low cost professional quality radio direction finder. He founded Doppler Systems, Inc. and initially provided direction finders to the amateur radio community. However, it wasn't long before customers in the commercial two way radio community and all levels of government recognized the outstanding performance of Doppler's direction finders and began purchasing them.

Although the Doppler direction finding technique has been around for sometime, Dave was the first to recognize that shortcomings in the Doppler direction finding technique could be removed by our patented "smooth summing" technology. This technolgy coupled with advances in computing technology enable us to achieve direction finding sensitivity and accuracy commensurate with systems costing many times more. We are now offering our fifth generation of direction finders.

In 1999 the US Coast Guard installed several hundred of our fixed site systems along nearly every coast in the United States to provide triangulation of marine distress calls and identification of false distress signals. In response to the Coast Guard's needs Doug Havenhill, a long time friend and associate of David Cunningham, developed map based software to accurately predict the geolocation of an emitted RF Signal. Our BearingTrack software was widely used throughout the Coast Guard network and other customers benefitted as well. Responding to our customers needs the software has evolved into our latest software offering, TargetTrack.

In 2005 Dave and Doug formed a partnership which is Doppler Systems, LLC and in 2018 Dave decided it was time to retire and sold his portion of the partnership to Brenda Holmes. Brenda brings to Doppler over 14 years of experience in antenna and circuit design. Doug concentrates on the day to day operation of Doppler Systems and Brenda is responsible for the development of the next generation of Doppler Systems radio direction finders.

Doppler Systems operates from a 3200 square foot facility in Carefree, Arizona. Our products are all US manufactured using local vendors. Final assembly and testing as well as product development is performed in our own facility.

Doppler Systems Facility in Carefree Arizona