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Doppler Radio Direction Finder Products

Doppler Systems offers radio direction finders for both mobile and fixed site applications.  Our fixed site systems cover 115 - 1000 MHz and our mobile systems cover 100 - 1000 MHz.  Each system contains of a DF processor, a set of antennas, and a receiver.  Additionally we offer a number of accessories to

Software furnished with our direction finders enables users to display bearing lines on map based displays and accurately locate RF sources.  All of our direction finders can be networked and remotely operated so that a wide area of coverage is achieved with minimal operational manpower.

Our products can be purchased as components for integration by your technical staff or as packaged turn-key systems containing everything necessary to assemble and operate a radio direction finding system.

The table below outlines the function and the hardware, and software necessary for the direction finder.

  Mobile Homing Fixed Site Geolocation Mobile Geolocation
DF Method Synthetic Doppler Synthetic Doppler Synthetic Doppler
Frequency Range 100 - 1000 MHz 115 - 1000 MHz 100 - 1000 MHz
Accuracy (deg) 2.5 1.0 2.5
Resolution (deg) 0.1 0.1 0.1
DF Processor DDF7001 DDF7001 DDF7001
Display PC running MPT User Interface or Android App TargetTrack or SignalTrack TargetTrack or SignalTrack
Antennas 4 roof mounted verticals 4 or 8 element mast mounted array 4 roof mounted verticals
Software (included) MPT User Interface TargetTrack/SignalTrack TargetTrack/SignalTrack
Accessories none Self-Test Generator
Power Supply
Yaw Rate Sensor
Power Distributor

Doppler can also customize our products for specific applications. We have developed a number custom packages as well as custom software to support our customers needs.  Contact us to discuss your particular application.